An Ancient Healing Technique In Honour of the Earth's Ancestors

You are here to heal your family’s ancestral trauma, to release the pain and suffering that is causing you challenges today. It is not your fault, it is your choice to heal the past to create a healthier future.

It’s time to embrace your Spiritual Gifts.

As Generational Healers® we connect  to the ancient  wisdom held within each family’s ancestral lineage to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.  We hold great respect, humility and spiritual integrity to the Ancestors. 

Welcome, we are grateful you have arrived. 

Becoming a Generational Healer® anchors you in your Soul’s Mission on Earth. Students have shared how safe, grounded, nurtured, loved and protected they feel as they embrace the teachings from the Ancestor’s during their Apprenticeship Training.

Become a Certified Generational Healer® with Deborah Skye King, Founder of Generational Healing® & Creator of 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings.

Become a Generation Healer® to heal your families trauma and suffering that is passed on intergenerational. 

Communicate with the Earth’s Ancestors and learn how your past relatives continue to heal throughout the ages
Release pain stored in your body and mind that is carried within the family genetic code 

Activate your intuition & awaken your spiritual gifts as you discover how to navigate and learn energy medicine.
Clear past generational trauma and suffering that stops you from living a happy, fulfilling and prosperous life. Learn to heal your matriarchial lineage that carries shame, guilt and the need to serve others before yourself. 

You deserve to live a life of freedom, honour, kindness and love.

Family traumas are healed and released from future generations as the emotional DNA coding is altered into another frequency beyond its traumatic imprinting of where it was first generated. 

13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Apprenticeship Training Online

Your ability to live on Earth feeling safe in your body, grounded, happy mentally and emotionally while courageously opening your heart is all due the energy frequency you hold. Knowing how to live life enhanced with your spiritual gifts awakened, turned on and powerfully embracing your unique sensitivities is what you will learn, embody and have as your go-to while living the wisdom of the 13 teachings. Taught LIVE online Zoom by Deborah Skye King. Check upcoming Apprenticeship Training Dates in 2022

Generational Healing® Certification Training 2022

In 2008 Deborah Skye was brought into a four-year initiation apprenticeship training in the jungle of the Peten Region in Central America. During these extensive trainings, the Ancestors would provide insight to the Earth's future inhabitants and what is needed to shift into the next level of existence on Earth. Generational Healing® was born in the jungle assisting Earth's Ancestors to heal humanities intergenerational trauma's that are carried throughout one's family lineages.

InterDimensional Planetary Healing Ontario,Canada & Online Zoom

Understand how the current cycle is connected to the interdimensional galactic cycles that support the healing of the human species and all that live in this evolutionary cycles of the great awakening that is underway. Cosmic origins of the interspecies will be learned as will the interdimensional aspects that correlate to earth's timing of the greatest awakening of an intergalactic scale.

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